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Did You Know… Halloween!

halloween house

Bats & cats, monsters & mysteries… it’s that time of year to gather friends and family and celebrate the SCARY. It seems that everyone is going hog wild for Halloween, but costumes, candy, pumpkins and decorations can run into hundreds of dollars! We TRASH LASSIES are here to help you be the best decorated house on the block while spending the least amount of money! Check out our handy SCOUT YOUR HOUSE shopping list. Look for these items throughout your home to augment your Halloween designs, stretch the scene and you can save BIG! It’s amazing what you may already have on hand that will transform your home from common to creepy in no time. Get creative as you save time and money with reusable pumpkins, and see great ways to give Jack a boost! You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to make Halloween memories that will last a lifetime. Think outside the JACK, get the kids in the act and have a crazy fun party with time left to enjoy the HORROR!


Decorate with StyleDecorate in high style with a small budget using our inside secrets!  Discover easy, affordable solutions to design challenges.  Get the most for your decorating dollar, as we reveal unique uses for items you have on hand, and present savvy techniques to transform the norm into trendy design-forward looks for less.KEEP IT OR TOSS IT…we will show you how to determine whether your junk filled boxes are worth holding on to, and what WE look for when shopping flee markets and thrift stores.

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